Two pedestrians hit, one killed on Roosevelt Boulevard

Roosevelt Boulevard can be a dangerous place for people attempting to cross the road or walk alongside it. A 28-year-old pregnant woman was struck by a car and killed last April. Just this week, about a mile and a half from that car accident, a 44-year-old woman and a young boy were struck by a vehicle. The woman was killed.
The woman and the 4-year-old boy, who police think is the woman’s son, were reportedly walking on a sidewalk near the road. A Toyota Camry was apparently forced off the road by a truck, veered onto the curb and struck the pair. Since the woman was walking closer to the road, it’s believed she took the brunt of the impact.
Medics pronounced the woman dead at the scene. The young boy had surgery after being taken to St. Christopher’s Hospital, according to He was listed in stable condition after the surgery.
The driver of the truck apparently left the scene. However, police said no charges were likely to be filed since it was ruled an accident.
The crash happened mid-afternoon one day this week. The southbound lanes of Roosevelt Boulevard apparently remained closed for several hours after the accident. As part of the investigation, police noted the Camry sustained some front-end damage. It was not reported whether that driver was injured.
As this tragic accident demonstrates, when walking next to a busy road, it may be best to walk as far from the road as possible. Hopefully drivers will do their part to stay on the road and watch out for pedestrians.  Until then, there are portland, oregon personal injury lawyers to help them get compensation.

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