How to settle credit card debt

Core Competencies

Perhaps you invented a product or process, or discovered a new way of producing or completing an established process, now you need advice on whether and how you should apply for a patent for your invention. Or maybe you own a business and wish to acquire a handful of patents to build the business’s patent portfolio. Whether the product or process relates to biotech, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and software inventions, we will be able to help.
You have worked long and hard to create an original artistic work—a sculpture, a book, a movie—that is now complete and ready to be shown the public. Understandably, you would like to obtain and maintain credit for your achievement. Working with one of our copyright attorneys, you will be able to safeguard your work and structure commercial arrangements to manage how and when your work is used.


If you are like most business people, your marketplace identity is built around your distinctive trade name, product names, logos and slogans. You need to protect these assets because they help identify you as a creative and productive force, and set you apart from the competition in the eyes of your customers. Our trademark experts will be able to make sure you acquire trademark protection quickly, and defend your rights when necessary.

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