A woman from Lino Lakes, Wisconsin, was charged with four total counts of criminal vehicle operation after she both struck a car and caused a motorcycle accident while driving home from the Minnesota State Fair last August. Earlier this month, the driver pled guilty to two of the charges, while the other two were dropped by prosecutors as part of a plea bargain.
The plaintiff was driving along Interstate 94 East when she crashed into her first victim. According to police reports, the woman struck another car while weaving between traffic and proceeded to drive away from the accident without stopping.
Later, on Highway 95, the Lino Lakes woman rammed into a motorcycle that was carrying two passengers. Both cyclists were thrown to the ground, and doctors later determined that one of the victims suffered several fractures and a large gash across her scalp.
The driver fled the scene of the motorcycle accident as well, forcing police to track her down after a criminal complaint was filed.
The plaintiff later admitted to police that she had been drinking at the State Fair before operating her vehicle, and police officers who talked to the driver on the day of the crime testified that she reeked of alcohol.
When questioned as to why she left the scene of the motorcycle crash without checking on the fallen riders or waiting for the police, the woman stated that she didn’t realize her contact with the motorcycle had caused it to fall.
The plaintiff’s final sentencing included 60 days of jail time, which some citizens may consider too lax in light of the serious nature of her crimes and extreme negligence she displayed on the road.

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